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About Us

Swede Chem Tankers, as it is known today, was created as a spin-off from Ivar Lundh & CO in 2012 and has since then established itself as a reliable and well recognized shipping company focusing on the transport of specialized oil products such as fuel oil, coal tar, tall oil and waste oil among many other products.

The fleet consists of a mix of time-chartered vessels and vessels under commercial management ranging from 4- to 8.000 deadweight and with high ice-class. The general trading area is focused to Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea but our cargoes has sometimes taken us as far as for example USA and Brazil.

The office is located in Stockholm, Sweden where all commercial activities are handled. The technical management and crewing is handled in close cooperation by the company’s partners based in Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Turkey.

With our dedicated staff and dynamic organization we strive to continue our rapid expansion and continue to build on our successful model of operating ships to the best possible market levels by offering reliable and flexible shipping solutions to our cargo-customers.

Our philosophy is to work closely with our partners providing an excellent shipping service by being, innovative, open, honest and professional, all day, every day. - Welcome onboard!

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